Sunday, November 30, 2008

1st December - Worldwide

Year after year the 1st of December has been instituted and celebrated as for the awareness of HIV.

Campaigns are done throughout the world to aware people of this killing disease but also to show to the HIV victims that we care for them.

However, after the first, the spur of the moment is gone and many of the supporters for this worldwide day go back to their routine not remembering any longer of this date up until a funeral is set and another friend, family member, relative is buried on its account.

This week, I want to use this space not to discuss about the disease or what has been done to prevent it,  what the latest statistics are,  but rather let me dedicate this blog to those who are fighting it directly or indirectly.

Either you are a HIV positive or someone very dear to you has got it and the pain seems to be the same. What to do to ease it or how to comfort one in such situation?

I believe, correct me if  I am wrong in that, pity is not the way. I believe that any HIV survivor needs to feel himself part of the society, part of the community, part of the family and be looked at not as someone in need but someone who can surprise with potentiality to do great things for him and for those around him.

Do not hold yourself back, do not quit your plans, do not give up on your projects or sit down and wait for the end as if it would come tomorrow. Take courage and live to the fullest you can, occupy your mind with different things, put up challenges for you, live each day.

Doctors have stated that the biggest share of a healing process is not related to the medicine applied but the positive mind of the patient who loves life.

I give you a quote from Ecclesiastes  “While there is life, there is hope” (9:4). Make of this 1st of December 2008 an awareness day for you, be aware that you can do, you will do and it only depends on you.

In the spirit of  encouragement with all of you!


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