Monday, November 17, 2008

What is your legacy?

The early hours of Monday, the 10th Nov, grieved the nation with the news of Mrs. Miriam Makeba’s death. I pay tributes to an international icon with such a beautiful legacy to all of us women. Through the passion for her song, she did not change culture alone but used it as a platform for the struggle for freedom in South Africa.

The entire occurrence made me to think about the power within a woman. If we put together purpose, self-discipline, character and perseverance, we are able to do much more than we just first planned or thought.

You may not have the idealism of changing the world but I am sure you feel like some changes are needed in your family, neighbourhood and in you. Perhaps you did not find the path as yet or you are struggling with the choices you made.

Remember, Mama Africa lived in exile for 31 years and that was the price of her choice, purpose and determination! It does not come easy, so it seems.

But the point is: you can make it! And it starts by believing in yourself  and applying every effort to achieve what you have purposed.

Now, when you allow God to lead your way and be partner with you in this adventure, you will build up what it takes to get to your personal success : self-confidence and faith, emotional and spiritual resistance to anything that wants to steal your dream.

Alone, you can conquer  a lot if so is your purpose but working in partnership with God you can be a worldly icon and reach out heavens, conquering eternity.

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