Sunday, December 28, 2008


Oh yes, how many times have your heard or read this very slogan? How many times did you say it yourself but nothing has changed? Year in, year out, your problems are the same; you are the same; no excitement, no newness, no improvement!
So much so that we are living the very last days of 2008 and you don’t dare to say 2009 will be the year of your life. You said it before, you applied all your efforts for it to happen, you have used positive mind before any hard circumstances with no avail.
You tried and tried and maybe you are even thinking that happiness is not for you.
Let me tell you something: I have been there! I have lived in the world of frustration and disappointment not so much towards others but towards myself because I could not see happening what I so much wanted.
I had in mind that all conquests were always for my friends and family members and I was just surviving until I learned and realized that it was because I was trying by myself and I was not strong enough to endure the hardships of life. Thus failure was my daily bread.
Do you identify yourself with this? Do you want to know what was the turning point for a new blessed year in my life?
It happened in 1988. I discovered that the only One who can make things new and afresh is my Creature and then I committed all my plans, days, projects to His management.
Who else around you can assuredly make this promise? “ Look, I am making everything new” And then he said to me “ Write this down, for what I tell you is trustworthy and true” (Rev 21:5)
The challenge is set upon you: allow Him to take you through newness in 2009 and by the year-end you will only have victories to count for.
Remember, any change around you has to start from the inside. All the best for 2009!

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Moo said...

Indeed a change starts from within, and with God all things are possible. The only thing between us and realizing our dreams/goals is ourselves; many times we are not bold enough to confront our fears head on, for with every goal there is a challenge. Sad but true I am not happy to admit that I have had one certain goal on my year’s resolution for 4 consecutive years now, I just go till the learners licence, and I have my 3rd one! and am very much aware that it’s in my hands, Yes I pray about it, BUT till I get behind that steering wheel and decide that fear will not control me any longer, will be postponing till…