Sunday, May 31, 2009

Be who you are!

The world has been developing amazingly in recent years that we contemplate caution, research and strategy for every action in the horizon.
For every decision, a team of consultants, planners, researchers, coaches are available to safeguard success.
When we look around to politicians, celebrities, journalists, athletes, eminent doctors, lawyers, preachers, teachers are all served by a team that will ensure they will dress properly, speak the right words, present the correct body language, keep up with a posture of confidence, know exactly when and how to smile or to turn into an inquisitive face.
To be spontaneous is no longer a quality if you deal with public and media because some words or attitudes can disappoint your listeners and deploy your success and status.
To build up an acceptable image is the new culture of the 21st Century. A team of expertise can easily transform a middle class secular girl into the First Lady of a Country, but the image you see is it really whom she is?
And little by little we have been opening the doors of our home and subjecting our family and daily life to this “image culture”.
 Parents are advised not to speak openly to their children any longer because it may cause de-motivation or a conflict of authorities.
 Couples try no longer to merge opinions because individuality is the order of the day. 
Children feel no need in opening up to their parents about their challenges, fears and struggles because they are better off assisted by social workers, psychologists, behavioral coaches, educators and all.
Overall we have been pushed through the edge of building up an image of our inner self instead of being who really we are. We also learnt to smile, when inside we are crying; to disguise insecurity, fear and pressure for a confident face; to pursue success when indeed peace would be the great gift of all.
And when we enter in the presence of our Heavenly Father, our Creator, we still apply the “image culture” and do not open up, seeking for His presence; instead we say a beautiful prayer, full of praises and thanksgiving when deep down there is a mute shout of despair.
 God is expecting to see us for what we really are. And He is prepared to build us up from our failures, shortcomings and mistakes. He is not taken by beautiful words instead He prefers the sorrow of your soul provided you are being sincere to Him.
And from there, from a broken heart, no wax or make up He will raise up a beautiful woman who will be herself no matter what, who will not fear to show her true identity.
” So let us celebrate the festival, not with the old bread of wickedness and evil, but with the new bread of sincerity and truth.”(1 Cor 5:8)


Silvia Candido said...

That's so true!! We have to be who we are, with sincerity before God, because what can we hide from Him?
Loved your post!


True words, but to be honest sometime I try to find out who am I and how does God sees me.