Tuesday, July 28, 2009


The UCKG RSA has engaged into a very blessed campaign in response to a call from the SA Blood Donation due to the constant shortage of blood in our hospitals. Therefore, the Church has invited all those who wanted to participate of this campaign that has started Saturday, 25th of July and will last for one week. I have been to the Auckland Park unit to make my contribution and photos will follow but now I want to invite you who never did it and you are fit, health wise for this task. You can help saving 3 people with your donation. The stations were full, throughout the country, so much so they had to call nurses from their day off to cope with the turn out. At the same time that I am inviting those who did not go as yet, I take the opportunity to thank all of you who did. I am sure the little we did has been helping our hospitals this week. You still have got time. Today is Tuesday and they are open everyday from 9am to 4pm. Check out this link and verify if you are a candidate for the task. http://www.sanbs.org.za/new_donors/NewDon_CanI_malaria.htm

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