Thursday, December 3, 2009

A woman takes action

When Women In Action (WiA) started early in April this year, they opened many doors to change women’s lives. They threw themselves wholeheartedly into everything they embarked on, making many women aware of their potential as individuals.

Today, through WiA, many have managed to make changes, which they once thought could take forever to become a reality. Last Saturday, Women In Action held their final concert promoting the awareness of cancer. They have been touring the country with their message. The fun went on after the concert at the Bertha Solomon Recreation Centre in Jeppestown. There, Yolanda Mate launched her jewellery store called Yola’s Jewellery, which is due to open early
next year.

Her love for beadwork was inspired by the fl ea market that the WiA held earlier this year in Soweto’s Cathedral of Faith. Yolanda did not simply admire the jewellery on sale, but took an interest in making her own jewellery.

Little did she know that it was the beginning of a new career for her. Soon after the flea market Yolanda attended beading classes given by a member of Women In Action. ”When I started attending the classes I just wanted to learn and make things for myself. But when I saw the beauty in the work, I thought how about sharing the knowledge that I have and opening a school,” explained Yolanda.

Women in Africa and around the world are letting nothing stand in their way. They use all the opportunities presented to them. Yolanda is not only the owner of Yola’s Jewellery but also owns a construction company. She says she feels more connected to her jewellery business, as this is a reminder of the woman she is. Women In Action’s journey to inspire women still continues. It is just the beginning of greater things for women in general.

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Adri Costa said...

WIA is a great lesson for all of us, women all over the continent and also over the world. The examples we have seen and witnessed with the events hosted by this organisation throughout SA only show that the difference has been made and has come to stay. For sure many lives were transformed and skills that once were hidden now have been revived and blessed many women. And more, the HIV and Cancer Awareness Events have taught many women who, one day, had lost hope and now know what to do to overcome their pains and become a healthy and successful woman in society contributing for its growth. May God continue blessing you and this wonderful work!