Saturday, March 6, 2010

New Cancer Supporters

Members of WiA from Cape Town have joined the cause and attended to the preparation course to act as Cancer Supporters. They had 04 days of workshops at the offices of CANSA WP and 01 afternoon specifically on Breast Cancer. They completed their race and are now ready to add on emotionally and spiritually to those who are in treatment.

Our members will be volunteering at Tigervalley Hospital shortly. We take the opportunity to thank Mrs. Dorothy Du Plooy and her teamwork who have welcomed our members and invested time in preparing them for the task. We also thank Ms Luisa Turner for dedicating her narrow time in the Cape by sharing an afternoon with us.

To our WiA – a round of applauses. Well done!

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Ayanda said...

Women in Action is really doing a great work, by alerting people to care for themselves concerning this killer disease. And they are making sure people get the message loud and clear: they under go training and they work hand in hand with CANSA, BREAST CANCER FOUNDATION- i am so proud of them: Halala Bomme!!!