Monday, March 22, 2010


It is with great honour that I can today share with all our members and visitors, who have been cheerfully supporting our WiA Awareness, official results released on our achievements in Alexandra Project.

It was rated by several NGO’s involved in the cause as total success and by far one of the great results ever achieved in similar projects:

Women Registered: 2370

Attendees to Breast Health Foundation stall: 1780

Sugar Levels tests: 1200

Blood Pressure checks: 984

Visitors to LifeLine stall: 914

Visitors to Hospice stall: 715

Visitors to WomanManAgainstChildAbuse: 708

Pap Smears collected: 650

BMI checked in one day: 300

HIV tests by ORUM: 176 (one day campaign)

Visitors to CHOC stall: 89

On behalf of all WiA members we once again extend our thankfulness to all health providers, volunteers who participated of this project and above all our members and visitors who were massively present to the occasion.

We also would like to make a friendly reminder to all women who were somehow referred to further medical assistance to pursue health improvement.

To all those women who were advised to visit Helen Joseph Hospital for mammograms, please, do not neglect this call and kindly get in touch with one of our WiA members in your church so that we can put you in contact with the BHF for assistance.

Above all, whatever was the result of your health check-up, whatever you learned during our event, remember, WiA members main role is to support you emotionally and spiritually throughout the journey. Count on us!

Marcia Pires


Adri Costa said...

God is really great! Using you, women of God, in this special and important project and make a real difference in the people of South Africa, principally in the lives in the women of Africa! Congratulations and may God keep using you for greater and more important projects in this continent and in the world. God bless you!

Anonymous said...

I totally agree with Mrs Adriana. You are making a great work and the difference in South Africa, Mrs. Marcia.

May God bless you much more.

veronica said...

It is true,Mrs Marcia.May our Lord bless much more our SA through womem in action.beijos,

Qaliswa Bongiwe said...

This is the great project that you doing here, and i once attented your meetings it was a great experiance!!!
thank you mrs marcia