Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Irena Sendler - a mother to many

Sunday is a very special day when we recognize all the efforts and love and care of many mothers who have poured, and still do, their life on behalf of their children. I also want to praise mothers to many who do not have children of their own but have adopted, cared and loved children who, today, if not by their efforts, would have no reason to celebrate Mothers’ day.

They are those carers who provide in orphanage, children’s clinic, grandmas or aunts raising their relatives. We pay tribute to these courageous women who did not deny a calling and sacrificed themselves for others.

This is the story of a brave woman – Irena Sendler, our hero on Mother’s Day! She passed away recently at the age of 98. During the Second World War, Irena got an authorization to work at the Warsaw Ghetto as a plumber. But her real intention was to save children from death in the gas cameras.

She would hide toddlers in her toolbox and kept bags for older children in the back of her truck with a dog that was trained to bark to the soldiers to cover up for any noise from the children.

While she managed to do this work, she has saved about 2,500 children until they found out and, as a punishment, broke her arms and legs holding her in severe imprisonment.

She kept records of the children, in a glass bottle embedded underneath of a tree in her garden. After the end of the war, she tried to find the families to those children but many were killed by the Nazis.

Therefore she made sure those orphans would go to a shelter or be adopted by foster parents.

She was appointed for the Noble Prize last year but not chosen however in the hearts of millions she is a mother to be remembered today.

Marcia Pires


veronica said...

Exemple indeed of how to be a good human being,I loved her history, it is a beautiful example to be followed
Happy mother days to all mothers , in especial for you as well mrs Marcia,that is always busy ,worry ,working with many ideias to have more espiritual children here in south africa.
May our God be with you always.
with love

abigail said...

This so nice but in the beginning you spoke of adoption. It is true that they are mommies as well

Marcia Pires said...

Dear Abigail, a mum is not only the one who gave you birth (physically speaking) but also the one who might not have given you birth but looks after you, provides for you, instructs you. Sometimes they are more mums than the natural ones.