Sunday, August 1, 2010

Endorsement to our WiA campaign

From the age of 8 to 12 I used to be sexually abused by my father and my uncle.At 13 by my mother's friend son,At 15 by my brother in law at gun point.also at 15 I was almost gang raped by 5 men who got into the house while I was out,but I managed to runaway.At 18 my ex boyfriend used beat me and tried to kill me twice.I had no one to talk,I was full of anger,full of hatred, I was hurting inside.I even left home and went to stay in another place and that's when I found the UNIVERSAL CHURCH.I was able to talk to someone for the 1st time.I thank God coz today I'm happy , I'm free from hatred and I was able to forgive them.
So I just wanted to thank God for this campaign because many people will get help.
Member from KZN

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Boitumelo - S.Africa said...

someone abusing an adult may have some recourse to say that he was provoked, though we all know that even provocation is no excuse for abuse but when someone touches a child, now that is just sick and wrong on levels i cannot begin to discribe. A child robbed of her innocence is scared for life and forced to deal with things s/he is not ready mentally to handle. We can only pray that this campiagn touches even the perpetrators to see the error of their ways and stop doing what they are doing...