Monday, October 11, 2010

WiA and the Teddy Bear Clinic

The ‘Save a Tamar’ campaign culminates in a donation
of R25,000 from WiA to the Teddy Bear Clinic

Women In Action (WiA) presented a cheque for R25,000 to the Teddy Bear Clinic in Johannesburg last week to show its support for the fight against women and c

hildren abuse.

The ‘Save a Tamar’ campaign was launched in August and will run until 16th December when it will be replaced by the 16 days of activism campaign. This drive is also directed against the abuse of women and children.

Members of WIA, all pastors’ wives, designed and made more than 3000 key holders to be sold during this campaign.

“The reason we decided to start this campaign is because we have seen the sad reality that people go through on a daily basis. Women should not be abused because that’s not how God wants it. When this campaign finishes, we are not going to sit down and relax. We are planning to tackle other issues that our communities are faced with,” said Mrs Marcia Pires who is responsible for the evangelistic work of the WiA.

She added that the ‘Save a Tamar’ campaign would also be conducted in other provinces because abuse of women and children affected people from all walks of life.


Manuela Portela said...

Dear Mrs Marcia.
It's good that this campaign save the tamar could help the Teddy Bear Clinic,and I'm sure the group Women in Action will continue helping this project and other.

Together,Mrs Marcia.

mary-jane moloi said...

Mrs Marcia,The save a tamar campaign has not only helped the teddy bear clinic but has helped many woman and made them realise that to be abused is not cool.

Anonymous said...

I read this a while back and came back to it as I was reading 'A Lineage of Grace' and more specifically the story of Tamar. I can’t imagine what it must be like for many of these women who went through terrible situations and difficult moments. What made me post was the fact that the WiA are not just talking about the problem but are actively working to make a difference. Sometimes when we see a problem we can easily acknowledge it but then just turn a blind eye to it but I believe that it’s only when we do something that change comes. This initiative is a reminder of that.