Sunday, November 14, 2010

Our Children

As parents, we invest so much in the wellbeing of our children because we expect to be able to give them what maybe we could not have.

We build dreams for their future. We plan in every way possible for their school years. We think about their adulthood, when they will start dating, have a family of their own. All in all, we plan well into the future.

We do it in a way as if we had the power to make everything happen just as we plan or dream.

We end up forgetting that as soon as they understand themselves as human b

eings they will make their own choices.

Some of them good, others not so wise and they will have to live with the result of their choices. As we will too, as their parents.

This is the reason why we should invest far more in their spiritual and emotional growth rather than try to set aside wealth for their future.

“Train up a child in the way he should go, And when he is old he will not depart from it.” (Prov 22:6)

Our Sunday School plays a very important role in complementing parents’ discipline because we envisage teaching our children to choose according to the Word of God.

If they attend our church services, they may not fully comprehend the message that is mostly aimed at adults.

In our Sunday School the message is conveyed in an interesting manner, through games, charts, pictures, puzzles, drama and other tools that are more fitting for their level of understanding.

All that is required is that you arrive at church a little earlier and enrol your child in the Sunday School.

Believe me, this is a true investment in their future. Whatever they learn Sunday after Sunday will be important for the rest of their lives.

Marcia Pires


Maggie Nyaunda said...

That is true Mrs Marcia, I remember when I came to the church with my mother, when I attended the service, I did not understand anything because the message was aimed at adults. When I started attending the Sunday school it was different, I started understanding the message. Until today I did not forget what I learned in the Sunday school.

Manuela Portela said...

Yes, Mrs. Marcia the sunday school, is a spiritual school ,where the children learn to know about God. And to be a men and women of God in the future, when I was a children I went to sunday school and i still remember the love that the teacher did Teach me.

Lerato Mkhwanazi said...

That is very true Mrs. Marcia, when I first came to church I started in the Sunday school and those teachings have carried me our thougout my life when I was faced with peer pressure at school.

Silindile said...

I agree with you Mrs Marcia

what I have learnt from sunday school helped a lot and I was able to deal with other situations that i face as child.
And may God bless all the teachers of BSC their work is great.

StaceyB said...

This message is very true,
sometimes understandably because of the fast pace of this world, we can get soo caught up in our own problems as well as what the world thinks our children need- which is physical and material. Only when we truly sit back and go way back to the beigning when we ourselves hit rock bottom, at a time when all the money, beauty, and good job did not matter. We needed something that only our Father could provide. the same goes for our children, they need the word, but in a dosage that they can take. there truly is value that we need to see and understand on the role of kidszone, and this value needs to be added daily, a message for me . . .

Ponalo said...

Yes Mrs Marcia, this so true, when i came to church i was very young 11 years but today i have grown to be a woman of God, i belive when you bring your child to sunday school you are buliding a better foundation for her. Children in sunday school a taught how walk in the ways of God and because their minds are still fresh the do obey, by the time their grow up they already know that their should do what is right to please God, I am a testimony of sunday school and I love what i have become. Thanks to sunday school

Qaliswa Bongiwe said...

it is true mrs marcia children cannot eat the food of the old. Sunday school is best, because children learn many this i know i once worked there its nice even i never grow up in there...