Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Make a difference in 2011

2010 has been a pretty exciting year for South Africa. We hosted the World Cup and did so in style.

It has been a good year for WiA as well. We celebrated our first anniversary, marking a year in which every month saw new events, activities and ideas which brought all of us closer together.

Not only that, we have lived each day to honour our motto: “Knowledge is Power” and have embarked on a drive to empower women in our churches and surrounding communities the best way possible.

We might not have achieved all that we dreamed of and aimed for in such limited time but I believe we managed to reach many women throughout the country with our campaigns.

Alexandra welcomed the Women’s Health Project, which offered information on cancer and many other diseases. The community was given medical exams and workshops. A total of 2,700 women had access to these services during three days of intensive work.

On 9th August WiA launched the “Save a Tamar Campaign, a heartfelt drive prompted by all the experience we have in counselling and supporting women who suffer from abuse.

We have said repeatedly: Abuse from any source, at any level, disguised as culture or tradition is simply not right. Abuse takes one’s dignity away.

Our purpose was to offer awareness and comfort. In this endeavour we have held awareness campaigns in Gauteng, Western Province and KwaZulu Natal.

We originally planned to bring our campaign to a close on the 10th of December, in line with the 16 Days of Activism against Women and Child Abuse, but have decided this is not possible or fair to so many women.

Since the day “Save a Tamar” campaign began, WiA has received countless messages from women who suffer abuse and others who have found peace thorough this campaign. We feel it is necessary to continue.

We will have a busy schedule in 2011 when we take the “Save a Tamar” campaign to other provinces in South Africa, but we shall continue to look for opportunities to become more involved and to assist this cause in other ways.

As for you, all supporters of WiA , we could not have achieved this much or offered assistance to other organisations without your constant and unflagging support.

On behalf of all of WiA members, please accept our gratitude and best wishes that 2011 will bring greatness into your life. We count on you to help us make a difference in South Africa.

Marcia Pires

Wia Founder


Manuela Portela said...

Yes, Mrs Marcia ,the year of 2010 was a year blessed in the WIA ,because this group have helped many woman, and i believe this year we will make a difference in Jesus name.

Thank You Mrs Marcia.

Lerato Mkhwanazi said...

2010 indeed has been a blessed year for South Africa and WIA. I believe that 2011, will be greater!

Nompumelelo said...

Truly it was a remarkable year and I believe 2011 will be greater and WIA will surely reach more people.On a personal note, I have come across people who say that these projects have helped them deal with things that affected their lives negatively and now they have found the strength through the support of WIA to deal with their past.

Nathallin said...

Dear Mrs Marcia
For sure this year was great!!! 2011 will be far better in Jesus name!!

Nokuthula Jean said...

Making a difference is about taking an idea, an inspiration and taking steps to make it a reality. That's what I have learnt from you and the works that WiA has achieved thus far. That using what you have and with a great team of people backing you up, you can achieve more than you could ever imagine.

StaceyB said...

Soo inspiring to hear that in areas where there are more boundaries than most, you together with other supporters are there tackling such barriers, and saving people from such harsh traditions of violence. This truly extends the meaning of saving souls, through any way indeed!

Sylviah said...

i believe Bomme fela was an idea truly inspired by God.

UCKG Botswana

Qaliswa Bongiwe said...

hi mrs macia this blog has been so wonderful and the woman in ACTION IS BEEN HELPING SO MANY WOMEN OUT THERE you can not imagine what people go through until you close to them.... AND I BELIEVE NEW THINGS ARE COMING...!!!