Tuesday, March 29, 2011


The Universal Church throughout the world has embarked in this very special fasting for the pouring of the Holy Spirit on the 17th of April.

As mentioned in Joel 1:4 – we are calling for a Holy Fasting that means, a fasting not by obligation or just to follow the crowd, but a fasting from our spirit and mind for this cause.

Therefore, we would have many news to share with you about our WiA recent activities however we will leave them for a later occasion.

For now, what really matters is to be set apart and to be in this fasting from all sort of entertainments, dedicating every minute of our day, every day of these 21 days to seek for God’s Spirit to be poured upon His church.

On the 17th of April, all of us will be able to say in only one voice Ah… what a day! And it would be so sad to know that you, dear reader, had the same opportunity and let it go by without engaging in this purpose of faith.

I will see you again on the 18th of April.


Marlen said...

I will not let this oppurtunity go, even though is real hard for me but it is all worth it for my goal to receive the Holy Spirit.

lindiwe said...

Dear Mrs Marcia,

I know that God has prepare a great thing after this 21 day of Holy fasting ,I pray that God may revive me and I know after all the EFFORT i TOOK SOMETHING GREAT WILL HAPPEN

Lindiwe Khanyile


Ah What a Day indeed. the 21 days of fasting is not just a test to see whenever you are addicted to television or music, it is a spiritual opportunity for everyone to be closer to God and also to receive the Holy Spirit