Sunday, July 31, 2011

You cannot!

Have you noticed how God has created our bodies as perfect machines with such a complexity of functions, self-healing devices, self-renewing cells, etc?

However there is a particular limitation to human vision in that it is impossible for us to look in two different places, at the same time, in our range of 95 degrees.

Spiritually speaking, the same applies. We cannot focus on two different things at the same time. We will end up concentrating on one or the other.

That said, we cannot have a great vision for the future if the present is occupying most of the frame.

We are not able to invest our thoughts, commitment and efforts to conquer things far bigger than what we face, if, at the same time, the image of our insecurities, complexes and shortcomings looms larger before our eyes.

Do you need a breakthrough in your career? You have been praying about it, prepared your CV, searched on the internet and listed all the big companies in the market related to your job position. Great initiative!

But now there is an image at the back of your mind casting a shadow over your actions … who you are.

You do not have the required appearance, you do not have the necessary qualifications, you do not have a very successful job history or description and this image appears even greater than what you want to achieve.

The truth is that while you dwell on your past experiences, your shortcomings, your inabilities, your weaknesses, you will not be able to move towards your conquest.

You will feel like you want a change but you will not be able to act on that change because you are enslaved by your mindset.

Who you are shines brighter than who you can become. Right there, all your plans are doomed to failure.

You focus your purpose on faith, you feel a spirit of revolt about your situation, you sacrifice, but you don’t believe in who you are.

We cannot disregard the fact that we all have shortcomings. Yes, we are human beings, but God has equipped us with faith to understand that when we cannot, the One who is in us can accomplish all things!

Do not limit God’s vision for your life to your own range. His is unlimited -- yours is only 95 degrees.


Rowlanda said...

Wow, This is so true. Sometimes we limit the capacity of what we are capable of doing when Gods vision for us is so great. We tend to forget this and look to our insecurities and what we cannot do rather than what we can, reading this has opened my eyes to look beyond the 95 degrees but towards god vision and plan for me.

Puleng Ngoato (Bxt UK) said...

This post is really strong,
because even I struggled with changing myself and how I see myself as a person, I always thought that I coudn't change or it wasn't possible for me, even though others were changing.
But this post just goes to prove that those who don't change is because they don't believe in themselves. Thank you
Puleng Ngoato (Brixton UK)

Silmara Ressutti said...

Yes Mrs Marcia I believe that for the miracle to happen is 50 percent with God and Other 50 per cent with me.


It true most of the times we try to creat our own destiny which means we are distrubing God plans for our life such as our careers and the type of Job we should get

Suraya Dos Santos ( Brixton UK)

lindiwe said...

Dear Mrs Marcia

Thank you for the post because I used to see my self as a failure,I used to think that I have being punished by what I did in the past but reading her it has given me a vision not to look at what I cannot do but to trust in God ,and 50% is me and the other 50% is God.


Shanika said...

It is true that we cannot focus on two things and give our best to both. We see that if we look at who we are and not at the God we serve we never achieve great things because we are only relaying on our 95 degrees vision instead of the one can see all thing.

Evynah said...

Wow, merci beaucoup pour ce message, il faut trouver un équilibre et il est vrai que nous de pouvons prier pour notre futur si déjà nous avons des lacunes de notre présents, mettons les bonnes priorités dans les bonnes cases