Saturday, March 10, 2012

I gave it all up

Many teenagers dream of becoming models, a career associated with fame, glamour, money and travel to exotic locations.
With such fantasy images in mind, people spend thousands of rands creating portfolios, paying for modelling lessons and even starving themselves to live up to the image wanted by modelling agencies.
Inspired by school beauty pageants, fashion
magazines and television images, Sandra was one of many young women who wanted to pursue a modelling career.
With her mother's support, Sandra entered the world of modelling at the age of 17.
“In spite of my Christian background, I always desired to live my own dreams and building my relationship with God was not a priority at that time,” she said.
Realising her potential, her agency signed her for several photo-shoots
and her pictures soon appeared in leading South African magazines. This opened doors to travel opportunities.
“It was a dream come true for me. I thought that God was finally answering my prayers,” said Sandra.
In spite of my Christian background, I always desired to live my own dreams and building my relationship with God was not a priority at that time
Her life took a bad turn when she started going to night clubs with friends and her behaviour affected her relationship with her family.
Just before Sandra was due to travel towards the end of 1993, she attended a UCKG service in Woodstock with her mother.
She took her portfolio to the church because she wanted to secure more modelling jobs.
“I continued attending the church services on Wednesdays and Sundays.
"My relationship with God became strong and I started to understand more about the will of God concerning my life. I slowly lost interest in my modelling career and became a faithful child
of God,” she said.
When Sandra terminated her
contract, she faced opposition to leaving modelling.
“The agency charged me for breach of contract. Their reaction did not discourage me. I engaged myself in chains of prayers and used my faith.
"God heard my prayers and they later dropped the charges
against me. Soon after that, I was blessed with a good job,” said Sandra. In 1994 Sandra became an assistant at the UCKG and today she is happily married to a pastor of the Universal Church. The couple have been serving God together for the past 17 years.
Encouraging young women not to forsake God's purpose for their lives, Sandra said:
“Do not compromise your Christianity and risk your salvation in order to share the temporary riches of this world. God certainly has a perfect plan in mind for you.”

By Yugendrie October on the testimony of Sandra Ruitters da Silva


ntombifikile said...

Our GOD is a patient GOD who allows you to have everthing through your faith.definately he listerns to our prayers and answers.. But its for us not to forget about him the moment he bless
us. cause we sell our birth right to our career nolonger interest in GOD.. GOD gives and take . So he will take what he gave you.. So never compromise your GOD with earthly things.remain in him weather with blessing or not.he will never fail you.

Carmen Madiba said...

Thank you Mrs Marcia for sharing Sandra's story.It's very inspiring.

This world has nothing good to offer!

Anonymous said...

Dear Mrs Marcia

The testimony of Mrs Sandra is very powerful. How many people would give up, the fame, glamour, money and attention, for the will of God. Many Christians today, ignores God's calling, some of them close their ears and pretend that they did not hear the voice of God and instead of obeying they follow the fame of this world and afterwards regret every choice they made.

Its very important to give ear to the voice of God. He would not lead us to something that is bad for us. God himself said, For i know the plans i have for you. He would lead you into your downfall instead God will bring you to victory

Fatima said...

very nice, the devil really wants to blind us with whhat this world has to offer but we must reamin close with God and listen when he speaks to us, are heart has to be free from the trap of the devil for us to desire things career paths that lead to destruction. very helpful.

Nancy said...

No matter what we have done or do God has a very beautiful future for us. Always stay true to him and he will never fail. :)

Wendy Jili said...

Mrs Sandra's testimony is so inspiring because it's very common for young people to choose fame and fortune as opposed to what Mrs Sandra chose, a life in complete surrender to God.

After reading this I began to look at my own life and the choices I've made. I started to wonder where I would be today if I had chosen to do what the world sees as good and right.

Mrs Sandra chose the harder option - to give up what her heart desired and to trust in the will of God for her life. This testimony is too powerful, thank you :)

klara said...

Hi Mrs Marcia,

This is a very powerful example according to the word of God in 1John 5:4 ( For everyone born of God overcomes the world)And by this example people should see that when you exchange the world To follow Jesus there is nothing that they loose instead they gain internal life? THANK YOU JESUS!!!!!! Clara Swartbooi

mo said...

Thanks Mrs Marcia for the inspiring story i know i learnt something from it.

katlego said...

those who are chosen by God give up their dreams/careers for the will of God to take place in their lives, for the plan of God to be materialised in their lives.