Tuesday, July 3, 2012

WiA celebrate Youth Day with a purpose

A few of our pastors wives who are very talented at handicrafts made themselves available to work at the Abraham Kriel Safety House, in Johannesburg.
This organisation welcomes young women who were taken out of abusive homes or abandoned by parents or guardians.
The intention behind teaching them handicrafts is to help them feel freer and to integrate them as a group.
Our primary concern is to help them deal with their past so that they improve their confidence, believe in themselves, and can dream of the future with hope.
On Friday, 15 June, WiA donated brand new winter coats to them and gave them a breakfast party to celebrate some birthdays during the month.
On 16 June, we had the pleasure of welcoming them to the Youth Group's special celebration of the holiday.
When WiA members first started visiting this house, they were confronted by many difficulties in interacting with these young women and earning their trust.
A smile was very hard to draw out of any of them but last Saturday we could clearly see that our committed wives have made progress. During the meeting the women jumped, danced, prayed, sang… and went home happy.
They were and will always be very welcome by youth of the UCKG and treasured by WiA.
These are few comments from some of the participants:
“I really enjoyed my day on the 16th June and I also enjoyed the prayer. It is wonderful that God can make a difference in people’s lives. Thank you so much for the breakfast. To be honest, in my life I never had a beautiful breakfast like the one we had on my birthday. I really appreciate what people do for us, no matter if it's big or small.” *Lia
“Thank you for the meal last Saturday and for the jackets. God bless you guys for everything you did. I hope you won’t end here. You will do so much for other children.” *Sam
“I really enjoyed the Youth Day. It was a new experience for me. It was so full of life and the people are very friendly. I really liked the breakfast.”  *Star

*Real names have been withheld to protect their identities.

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