Saturday, August 11, 2012

Are you really free or are you enslaved by wrong choices?

Women in Action present “Choices” on National Women’s Day 2012.

Amid the joyous celebration of National Women’s Day, the fourth annual event to be held at the UCKG Cenacle of Faith in Soweto, a minute’s silence paid tribute to those visionary women who marched on the Union Buildings in 1956. These courageous women campaigned for freedom and to honour their legacy the capacity crowd of 7 500 women, men and children were encouraged to embrace this hard-fought freedom and make good choices for themselves. Speakers highlighted how bad choices, including procrastination and early pregnancy, low self-esteem and lack of self-confidence, impact negatively on people’s futures, urging everyone to fight back and actively embrace a brighter future.
Marcia Pires, founder of Women in Action (WiA), paid tribute to the 20 000 women who took a stand against the apartheid regime, sending a resounding message through their 30 minute silence. She said: “These women made a choice which paved the way for the freedom we enjoy in South Africa today. But are we really free, or have previous decisions impacted negatively on our lives and kept people trapped and enslaved? What are you doing with your freedom today?”
Choice is a mental process of judging the options available and selecting a course of action. She saluted legendary leaders and great examples of strong women who made good choices and transformed South African society, encouraging everyone to choose between being miserable and motivating themselves.  She said: “Whatever has to be done, there is always a choice – your choice. Don’t compromise your future through bad choices.  Make quality choices which will result in a brilliant future. Always be ready to answer for your choices.”
 For those living with the results of previous bad choices, she said: “Be inspired by those women bound by unjust laws and unequal circumstances who found a way to break through the barriers. Through carefully considered choices now, you can turn your circumstances around. Choose your partner, your career, your morals and values, your religion and your lifestyle with care. These choices shape your future.”
Collaboration of Nicola Balderson


Meiry Mel said...

*Olá querida, q blog lindo e abençoado...
Já estou te seguindo, quando puder da uma passadinha
lá no meu pedacinho, ficarei muito feliz...bjos
Deus abençoe sua vida e seu blog, sempre!

Together as one said...

Hi Mrs.Marcia,

As I heard once:the past no one can change but the future anyone can make choices and shape it.
I love the meeting and this message too.
God bless you.