Saturday, September 8, 2012

Save a Tamar Group

Save a Tamar Support Group meet every other Tuesday, B1, Cenacle of the Holy Spirit in Park Station. This coming Tuesday we will be together there.
Today, I am very happy to be able to share with you the testimony of one of our members, Mrs. Tina, who bravely decided to testify about the benefits of the group to her personal life.
And it is unbelievable how many reviews we receive on how beneficial the meeting was even to those who did not suffer abuse but had some issues to deal with.
What are you waiting for, to join us either in JHB or in Cape Town for this meeting:
It starts at 5pm and we are done about 6pm. We offer a theme discussion and private counselling.


Yolisa said...

Dear Mrs Marcia

The work of save a Tamar is really a blessing, even here in Cape Town, I believe that God will help many through these regular meetings!


Thato Mochete said...

A very inspiring testimony. Thank you for sharing Mrs Marcia.

God bless

linda said...

Thank you Mrs Marcia for sharing with us .

God bless you all

Marcia Pires said...

The meeting today was just superb. We spoke about low self esteem and how it affects friendship and family relations. Say no to low self esteem - you were created in God's own image - next appointment 25 September at 5pm