Friday, November 30, 2012


Today it is AIDS World Day and part of the 16 Days of Activism Against abuse to women and children. The whole world today bring awareness on this subject.
This is a clear attempt of solidarity to those who are infected or affected somehow by the disease; however, I confidently believe that the pandemic has been taking its physical or emotional toll on the society in general,  in respective of being infected or affected.
You are a human being who worries about life and about people, so it concerns you.
But what really troubles me the most is the awareness message not achieving its result as expected.
Being a church body, one of our main messages is abstain and be faithful but we feel that a lot is told hence words do not echo in people’s ears, minds and hearts; and the pandemic goes on striking families, leaving orphans, stealing hope and joy of youngsters.
What else can we do? What is it missing that the government, institutions, churches and other organizations are not doing?
Honestly, I am sure more can be done but it does not mean that we are not doing anything. What I also believe is that each one of us, in our individual capacity, needs to take full responsibility over our life and of those whom we affectively relate to.
HIV/Aids does exist, it is claiming lives, it is banning generations and it is up to you and me to help stopping this.
I appeal to all women to take their right place in this fight and above all to value themselves, their bodies, their health and their life.
Rather think about tomorrow as a bright future worthy of waiting for sex within the marriage frame; to test yourself and your partner before entering into a relationship and to be faithful to your partner.
Think about open lines of communication with your children; think about to protect yourself and your family. If you are infected, prioritize your health and do what is in your power to keep a positive lifestyle.
You must take a stand in this process by encouraging others, being supportive of those infected and affected and anticipating your life not to be counted as one more number in general statistics.
Marcia Pires
HIV Peer Educator

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