Monday, January 14, 2013

One fortnight

My last post here was on the 1st of January and to my surprise, 15 days have gone by and tomorrow we are completing the first fortnight of 2013. We all have made resolutions and proposed to start new good habits but have you done anything in that direction for the past 15 days?
If you don't start right now, as the first 15 days have been through, the first 6 months will kick in and soon I see myself writing you a message welcoming 2014.
Yes, times is flying by but are we grabbing its wings and making it productive on our behalf?
I woke up today thinking about it: how much have I done during these 15 days? Have I made any difference in someone's life or in my life?
So I went back to an old article of mine as a reminder of a solid truth: this day will never come back to my life.
Then still pondering over the reality,  I decided to share with you my thoughts and this old message of mine:

I often wonder how can people allow their lives to pass by without purpose or reason.
When I ask a youngster what is he planning for the future and he tells me he has no idea or has never thought about it, quite honestly, I feel like asking him how much longer will he waste his days?
Have you ever thought that when the clock strikes midnight, this day is over and you will never have it again?
You may have similar days … you may have better days, but you will never have this particular day again.
The day I realised this, I decided to make every one of my days count.  I cannot accept that I can live one day without making something special of it, without touching someone in some way, without growing within myself or without leaving some mark.
I cannot accept letting a week go by without seeing changes or improvement in myself or in the situation around me because, the truth is, I will never ever live through this very same week again.
And this realisation has made me value even more this day, this week, this month, this year.
Life is too short and precious to be ruled by complexes, insecurities, depression, low self-esteem and a heavy load that tends to pull you back instead of pushing you ahead towards your dreams.
See the butterfly -- the most enchanting insect we have. Most live for a maximum of a month while other species sometimes have a  lifetime of nine months.
Still, they don’t waste time and they quickly make sure they mate so that their species will continue on earth. They have a short lifespan but they use it to guarantee the future.
And how they display God’s glory in this world through their beauty!
In the same way, use this day to build your future. Do not be chained by words and feelings meant to knock you down and out.
Make each and every day count in your life.
The first 15 days might be gone but make the following 15 ones count far more for you.


Ayanda said...

Thank you Mrs Marcia, it is true when i check the past 15 days really this message has an impact and time waits for no man.

Gandrie said...

I agree with you Mrs Marcia when you said that life is too short and precious to be ruled by complexes, insecurities, low self-esteem. There is just no time for it.

Many people find themselves wasting a whole watching the sun going down, by the time they reach a certain age, they will regret every second they took for granted.

Let's make every second count, whether its achieving a daily goal, or making someone smile or even when by giving an inspirational message.

Thank you very much, its well appreciated Mrs Marcia.

MOKGADI said...

True Mrs Marcia

We must make everyday count, appreciate and cherish every moment by means of touching someones life, making a positive impact or by just adding towards your goals. As time passed it will never be recovered.

Thank you so much for sharing such a powerful message.

ipeleng said...

Dear Mrs Marcia

The message got me thinking, and how lightly sometimes we let time pass by. As I was reading this message I realized that a day wasted result to a week , a week to a month , and a month to year...

Once again thank you for posting this message right at the beginning of the year for one to make use of every minute we have.


Baithuti said...

Mrs Marcia I have made this mistake before of allowing life to "happen" to me. But not again. In this year especially I am determined to not only make decisions but to implement them; and this requires that I work daily towards my goals.

The problem is also that yes everyone has resolutions or things that they would like to achieve but not everyone is prepared to do what it takes (sacrifice) to get there.

But I am so revolted because I do not want time to defeat me ever again. Thank you for this reminder as it encourages me to press on toward my goals...

P.S. I'm loving the daily quotes for 2013. Can I suggest some of my favourite ones?

Chrys muzingu said...

I didn't fall down since the 1st of this month, I had temptations and trying to not look back, in 15 days it is a progress compare to 2012 achievement. It is not easy as I speak but we don't give up, 2013 it is the year where I decide to fight back all wrong habit, close the door behind me, and move forwards into a new life and new perspective. Once again it is not easy to carry on, I felt it in 15 days. From today 347 days left before 2014, sometime I ask myself if I'm gona make it until the end of this year, but I also can't imagine myself going back, it is more scary to turn in the past than to look at an unknown future. At least I can make a plan in looking in the front of my life, in smile at what is coming tomorrow, even today is a big challenge, I'm not turning back.

gugulethu said...

Thank you for this powerful message Mrs Marcia, I need to adpat this kind of thinking to improve on my life. So | do not procrastinate things for letter or tomorrow but do all things now and still keep balance.

Silindile said...

Thanks Mrs Marcia

Everyday is a day to improve what i was yesterday and its so amazing every year when i look at my new years resolution somethings are from the previous year but I told myself that this year its "onwards and forward" not backing down .

This post is my greatest everyday does count