Monday, February 4, 2013

WiA performing at

WiA, a group of pastors' wives from the UCKG, had the honour to perform during the book launch Nothing to Lose at the  Museum of Apartheid on the 26th of January.

Our trade mark is to sing traditional songs reminding of great tributes we had in South African history as Miriam Makeba, Brenda Fassie and other living assets of our music. 

We do it out of pleasure and recognition and with the purpose to entertain our audience.

Particularly in this occasion, we were celebrating two great men who dedicate their lives to bring freedom: Mr. Nelson Mandela and the author of the book Nothing to Lose, Edir Macedo.

It was a memorable day. We are very humbled by the opportunity.

Marcia Pires
WiA Founder


elisa said...

Dear Mrs Marcia

The book is a blessing and i started to read mine and i cant let it go,the book is inspirational.

Thank you


Anonymous said...

Dear Mrs Marcia,

I agree it was a memorable and a blessed day at the launch, the book is so inspirational and stimulating it is indeed a life changing book. I read it everywhere I go whether in a taxi or whenever I get a chance i make use of it. The performances were spectacular, Thank God for such a blessed and enjoyable day.

Busie said...

Wouldn't miss to have one mybook as well, beautiful invent indeed...


Nothando said...

Dear Mrs. Marcia

What an amazing blessing it has been to have the opportunity to read about the faith of our Bishop. It is one of the best gifts that i have ever given to my in-laws thus far, the Nothing to loose book has been blessing my spiritual life since i have started to read it.

Thank you

Karla Kris Cunha said...

It so nice.
Thank you

Vviana said...

What an awesome event! this marked everyone's life, and what a privilige doing that feast. God will be happy for that, and more that the people glorified God's name, and recongnized all the people that have made a change and made an impact in Africa.