Saturday, March 9, 2013

International Women's Day

Celebrating the 8th of March, we had a different initiative in South Africa by contemplating the date with the re-launching of the book V-Women outside the church walls and taking the opportunity to congratulate women from all walks of life with a red rose and a flyer including awareness against abuse.
The book relaunch was hosted at Novel Books, at Hobart Grove, in Bryanston and the owners Helen and Sharon welcomed the crowds with great pleasure.
The book V Woman was written by Cris Cardoso bringing the teachings of Proverbs 31 to our modern society and focusing on modern women uplifting the values of the past times that are being lost in a our society.
It was recorded a signing of 5,188 and an attendance of 6,000 people.
The same celebrations were held in Cape Town, Durban, Port Elizabeth and Rustemburg by the Godllywood Family who offered red roses and awareness pamphlets.
The purpose was to celebrate great achievements of women  today but reinforce the importance of being virtuous in their decisions and behaviours.

Marcia Pires

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Joann Massango said...

A great event indeed, that unites women of South Africa.