Wednesday, April 10, 2013


Save a Tamar is a project to assist women who have been through any sort of abuse and yesterday we took our mobile meeting to Vaal Triangle, holding a special meeting in Vereeniging, with 650 women who joined us for the occasion. 
We do not hold a church service but an interactive meeting that aims to discuss subjects very proper to those who suffered abuse and are still grieving over the consequences of it.
We spoke about dropping the past right there and then, focussing on the dreams and plans that were long forgotten because there was a voice inside saying "you do not deserve" or "you are not good enough" and finally we invited all present to reconcile with God.
Funny enough, but many who have endured any sort of abuse, end up believe that God has rejected them or despised them for the wrong choices or mistakes of the past.
It was a great meeting, maybe one of the best we had because of the participation and commitment of all those who came with a purpose.
Our thanks to these women who took the time to be with us and our prayers that the have embraced a new view in life from yesterday on.
If you stay in the area and could not attend to this meeting, please note that our SAVE A TAMAR SUPPORT GROUP meets every 15 days at 25 Plein Street - Park Station, at 5pm - B1.
Our next meeting will be on the 16th of April.
If you need counselling or advise, do not hesitate to write to us to
Marcia Pires


Joann Massango said...

The number of those who attended indicates the need to reach out to women, to encourage, heal and give them hope.

Ayanda said...

May God bless more this work, is reaching out to many women who never spoken up, who had fear but through the counselling they receive in the SAVE A TAMAR campaigns, indeed they are becoming stronger and stronger. Thank you Mrs Marcia

Busie said...

With this events of Tamar really people are getting the healing, thanks Mrs Marcia for reaching even to other regions.

May God gives us more power to do more.