Thursday, June 13, 2013

The Strength of a Woman - II Symposium

The second Symposium for Women, held in Johannesburg and broadcast live to centres in all nine provinces as well as to Zambia and Namibia, inspired almost 14 500 women to embrace their God-given talents and to realise that they have been entrusted with great things.
Opening the symposium Marcia Pires said: “Throughout Biblical times, God trusted women with important roles. He continues to trust, even those of us who feel simple and ordinary, with great responsibility.”
Guest speaker Marcia Paulo from Cape Town encouraged women to develop their inner strength by drawing close to God and surrendering themselves completely to Him. She said: “When you give yourself and your life to God, He will make you strong and give you power. This strength is with you always and will help you overcome life’s challenges. When you surrender to God , you enter into a partnership with Him and He walks with you. You hear his voice and you depend on His strength, not your own.”
Marcia Pires reminded women that we are influenced by those around us – either positively or negatively, and our values, lifestyle and decisions influence others. She said: “People are influenced by what they see, but the external trappings of celebrities may not reflect who they really are. However, a woman with inner spiritual strength is always admired by others. They have something special which sets them apart and makes them role models for others to emulate.”
She said: “Women have a special gift and a valuable role to play in society. We have the ability to influence our husbands, our children and others around us on a daily basis. By being good examples and inspirational role models, we can transform our homes and communities and impact positively on society.” She motivated and encouraged women to make a difference wherever they are saying: “Great nations are built on the foundation of sound families and stable homes where honest values and upright principles are learned.”
Pinky Dada from Port Elizabeth, spoke about the often controversial topic of submission, stressing that Biblical submission is not a position where women are regarded as inferior, subjected to abuse, disempowered, dictated to and dominated by men. Rather it is an acceptance that peace and harmony prevail when the natural order of things is observed. Just as the planets orbit the sun, so men and women have different roles to play. Women who accept that submission is essential, experience strength and true freedom.
Having heard the theory, delegates listened to a powerful testimony by Theresa Tshabala which offered practical examples of how these principles of inner strength, the ability to be a positive influence and her decision to submit, helped her grow and overcome difficulties in her life. As a young woman with two small children, she made a decision to choose God rather than subject herself to her abusive boyfriend’s demands. She said: “Leaving home with nowhere to go was frightening, but I used my faith and trusted that God would transform my life. He did. I found a place to live, got a job and was promoted. I worked hard and was able to buy a car. My God-given strength helped me make the right decisions and helped me through the difficult times.”
She met a man whom she had known during her childhood and over time her attitude and beliefs influenced him and they are now married. Theresa said: “From the start our relationship was based on mutual respect. I acknowledge that he is the head of the home and submit to him, but we work as a team.” She stressed that submission is not advocating that women should be doormats nor deprived of their dignity, but that they should embrace their special role of accepting influencing others positively.
Marcia Pires said: “Theresa’s story is inspirational but when you are in the middle of a difficult situation, you can’t see the happy ending. I encourage you to believe that God has a dream for you and it will change your life.”
Women were invited to make a vow with God: to give Him the situation or person which is causing them concern and not to take it back, but to leave it in His hands trusting that He will change their situation. As Hannah prayed and offered her son Samuel to God’s service, so women in pain and distress, gave their problems to God and left the altar knowing they had been blessed.
Women in Action encouraged women to feed themselves with knowledge by reading some of the books for women based on the word of God. These include “The V-woman” and “Better than a new pair of shoes” by Cristiane Cardoso, “The profile of a woman of God” by Bishop Edir Macedo and “40 Secrets” by Nanda Bezerra.
Women were invited to work through the Godllywood Challenges which would help them grow as women. Information is available at Those signing up for this challenge are invited to post their completed tasks on Facebook as an encouragement and positive influence to others.
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Caroline Masuku said...

The Symposium was a real blessing for me. It made me realize that the Strength of a woman comes from being closer to God. As a woman I mustn't let anything influence me in any way. I must be a role - model in the society. Submission is essential as a woman of God.

ms guni,england said...


Anna said...

This event was a great blessing. A woman who's foundation is in God is hard to find and of great value.

Chipo Samantha Majaha said...

I watched the Symposium through a video here in Botswana and all I can say is that this was a blessing.

elisa said...

wow i watched our 2nd symposium here in Pretoria and it was a total blessing,what more could i had asked for rather than learning how to overcome situations in my life and how to have a good influence towards my friends and how to be submissive so everything falls in place,oh what a day i cant wait for the 3rd one.
Thank you.