Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Now we bring Raabe to you, in English!

When I was invited to write a weekly blog that would help women who have been through abuse or under abuse currently, I saw the opportunity to make use of my bad experiences for something good that would benefit others.
I could not imagine how far God would use of my life in that regard.
We now bring this articles in English, week after week, through Cristiane's blog in English

and you can forward your comments or doubts to me and I will be very happy to assist you.

Further, last Monday, we have made available the translation of the Roots Event in Brazil through the same site with my whole testimony and experiences

for photos on this event please visit:

In South Africa, we have been working with abused women and children through in our group Save a Tamar holding counselling sessions every 15 days and doing special meetings in our main Regional Headquarters from time to time.

If you are someone who needs help in this regard, we are offering you the tools to overcome your past and shape yourself a different future.

Besides that, you can always count on us for counselling through my FB page or

Marcia Pires/Raabe


ms guni,england said...

I want to thank the holy spirit for these events they have opened the heart to a lot of secrets to things that were done in the "dark" and as a little girl was told that this is a "secret" we do not talk about it.

These violations have been eating the hearts of many now we can talk about these "things" after 30+ years in my case. I do not have to feel ashamed anymore.

Thank you holy spirit for setting me free. Now as am free can tell little girls and boys that if anyone touches you inappropriate tell your cbc teacher as soon as possible.

I love you Mrs Marcia.

Força Jovem Sales Oliveira said...

Bom dia D.Marcia, nunca tive oportunidade de conhecê-la pessoalmente, mas acompanho do Brasil, o trabalho que é desenvolvido aí na Africa, admiro muito toda dedicação, Deus a abençoe a cada dia, e lhe use mais e mais. Ficava sempre na expectativa da criação de um blog da senhora dividindo suas experiências, que bom que agora poderemos acompanhar mensagens através do Blog da D.Cristiane!!!Bjinhos.