Monday, September 30, 2013


Yesterday we learned in our church about Martha and Maria and while my husband was reading the passage, it came to my mind the accounted in John 11 – when Lazarus passed away.
Reading it through I found something very interesting and a warning for us. Just recapping the passage, Lazarus passed away and Jesus came.
When Jesus meets Martha and she reports what happened, Jesus reinforce some truths He probably have told her before and she promptly respond as someone who believes and knows it to be the truth (Read verses 23 to 27).
Meanwhile, where was Maria? At home (verse 20) – it shows a quiet spirit.
But the fact is, when Jesus arrives at the place Lazarus was buried and He commands the stone to be removed, the same Martha who seemed to “understand” all about faith, turns to Jesus and reminds Him that her brother was dead for so many days (verse 39-40).
It cleared warned me about what kind of Christian I am. From the occurrence that Jesus tells Martha that Maria had chosen the better part, we clearly see there was no change in Martha’ spiritual life. She was still the very same person worried about the earthly affairs.
And when Jesus was reassuring her of the truth, she was understanding all the message at “an earthly concept” and responding she knew, she had faith, she accepted but the she was not actually grasping the Spirit of what Jesus was saying.
Are you not the same kind of Christian? Who knows the Bible, who says you believe, you are ready to sacrifice, you accepted Jesus but your only concern is earthly?
Are you not the same kind of Christian who cannot discern the mysteries that Jesus is freely giving to His people because you never met Him personally therefore you only understand the Word but you do not discern the Spirit behind it?
Day Eight - Do not remain the same person you were since the last Fast of Daniel, make of this one a turning pointing in your spiritual life. Will Jesus meet you on the way and find out you still only after your earthly affairs?


Adriana Costa said...

This is so deep! It's a kind of thought that all of us, as Christians, must have...who are we? Are we the same Christians we were when first met Jesus? Martha was playing the role of a Christian but the real essence and identity of a Christian was in Mary. Thanks for's really food for the thought and for the spirit!

Natasha nqabisa said...

this is indeed very strong and deep,Mrs Marcia.
thank you