Monday, October 14, 2013


It was an amazing experience, nothing like emotion but assurance above all.
Assurance that we are chosen, assurance of our salvation and assurance that the Spirit that was poured on us has summoned us for war.
We have received POWER and it is not to continue with the same kind of life and service to Him.
Power to set the captive free and this is what we will do.
We are engaged in these 14 days to rage war to the kingdom of the devil and to bring so many to the light.
If you have the Holy Spirit, if you have been renewed, you have been summoned as well.
What will you do with the POWER you received from Mount Hermon?
On the 27th of October we will see great miracles but do not fold your arms; God wants to use you save someone and this is the reason He gave you His Spirit so that we would do His work in His way.

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