Friday, November 22, 2013

Pledge Night South Africa - 2013

Our Pledge Night was an amazing experience. We will starting our Rush for the new Season in January 2014.
If you have been doing your Godllywood Challenges and would like to join this Rush, look for the wife in your church who is introducing the Challenge so that you can get your application.
Special Tip: Do not miss our Retrospective on the 14th of December, in Park Station, from 10am.

Hope to see you soon!
Your Big Sister Marcia Pires


Bandile Jiyane said...

wow... really beautiful

Baithuti said...

Pledge night is the culmination of months of hard work in the rush months. All the best to the rush candidates of 2014! What a beautiful evening it was this year. :-)


I can agree with you Mrs Marcia it was amazing and I feel so blessed that 2014 PE will be in, thank God that He remembered us also this year. Can't wait.