Sunday, January 19, 2014

New Year, New Life – really?

We have already reached mid January although New Year’s eve seems like yesterday!
We’ve had many festive cards and emails with Happy New Year wishes. We made our New Year resolutions and plans for 2014,  but after the first fortnight, it does not feel as if there’s anything new about this year, does it?
For many, I think this is the case.  It is simple to understand.  We cannot reach a different result if we continue to do the same old things.
If you continue living in the same way you did throughout 2013 – same routine, same habits and actions – how can you possibly have a new life in 2014?
Do you get it?  So, let’s us revamp our appearance, renovate the house, meet new friends, change the way we drive to work or even change jobs.  Will that help?
I think it still won’t!
You probably see this as negative and are thinking: “I wanted to be encouraged and motivated by reading this, but it’s rather discouraging!”
My friend, you are actually being confronted by reality.  It does not matter what you change around you if you do not change what goes on INSIDE you.
Any transformation has to come from the inside out:
  • Changing your hair style and clothes does not matter, if you still see yourself as ugly;
  • Renovating your home does not help if  you feel alone and rejected as a person;
  • Going into a new profession or different job makes no difference if you do not appreciate the work of your hands;
  • Finding new friends does not matter if you cannot be a friend to others

In other words, a New Year will only bring forth new life if your vision of yourself is renewed.
External changes and resolutions for the new year will only succeed if you first change inside.
The image you project outside is the reflection of who you are inside. Even if you try to camouflage yourself with good make up and beautiful clothes, your eyes will show the pain, frustration and disappointment in your life.
When you are at peace with yourself, all the clothes you wear just complement your appearance.
So let us work on ourselves and our thinking. How about becoming beautiful from the inside out?


Zandi said...

Thank you for this message Mrs. Marcia, very strong.

The most important job to be done first is inside, then outside. The bible says that we must be transformed by the renewing of our minds.
A renewed mind not only thinks different thoughts but thinks from God's perspective.

elisa said...

Dear Mrs.Marcia

Thank you for this message it is an eye opener because due to the excitement of the new year we do so many resolution but when we look what we did in the beginning of the first two weeks not even one resolution has been implemented is true we need to start a change from the inside out and the difference will happen.