Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Silence speaks volumes

The march in 1956
Join the silent march to commemorate Women's Day

On Saturday 9 August 2014, thousands of women will march in absolute silence from Maponya Mall to the Cenacle of the Holy Spirit in Soweto, re-enacting the historical march 58 years ago when 20 000 women protested against the injustices of apartheid and the laws enforcing racial discrimination on the nation.

The women marched peacefully to the Union Buildings in Pretoria where they delivered a petition and then stood their ground for thirty minutes in silence. This display of unity between wives, mothers, sisters and daughters for a common cause, helped transform society and resulted in the political freedom and rights enjoyed by all South Africans today.

But are we free? No! Far too many women and children still suffer abuse and are victims of violence.
Our march is a stand against this. Just as women helped change society historically through their march on 9 August 1956, so Women in Action will lead this march for freedom from abuse and all forms of victimisation. It is a powerful cry for the rights of women and children in South Africa.
Wia celebration in Soweto
All women are invited to join Women in Action as we set an example and take a stand against violence to help transform the nation. The silent march will begin at midday on Saturday 9 August at Maponya Mall and will end at the Cenacle of the Holy Spirit in Soweto where the petition will be a loud cry out for the protection of the women and children in our society.

Please join us. Let your voice be heard through the silence.  For more information, visit one UCKG branch close to you.

Marcia Pires


ricardinah said...

A strong woman perseveres regardless of the odds and circumstances. You don't know how strong you are until you've hit bottom and survived.

Woman of value and dedication,may God bless all of us. Soweto reyaya.

Sinazo Booi said...

Every challenge we are facing in life is not meant to kill us but to make us more stronger.
As a person for you to see yourself if you strong or weak, see yourself when facing a problem/challenges, but God is always there to rescue us from those problems and make us be better people through those challenges/problems,
So a strong woman does persevere regardless of any other problems. RSA(P.E)