Saturday, August 30, 2014

Series "They overcame - a life story"

Dear Readers,

This blog has two tendencies: articles and mini stories.
These mini stories show how some friends of mine faced certain situations in their life and despite those situations were meant to put them down, rather they grew mature with each experience they had.
Strong stories, beautiful in chore, that will encourage all those who read them. 
In same case, it seems long but if I omit details, they loose its essence so I have decided to leave them in full extension.
Nowadays are time is short but I believe that if we take few minutes of our precious day to read them through, you will be motivated. Wonderful experiences and for me a great honour to share them with my readers.
We have already published the stories of Alessandra, Luiza, Mpho, Karla, Valdirene, Glaucia and Fikiswa - universe of strength just for you.

Watch this space for next ... but take your time to revisit the previous ones.


elisa said...

Dear Mrs Marcia
Thank you for sharing the testimonies they are really helpful and inspirational, they show how much you can overcome your roots and the life you leaved before Jesus but you carried it with you into the new life given by Jesus , thank you for sharing and not giving up it os worth it.

Mbalee B said...
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Mbalee B said...

Good day Mrs Marcia

These have been very inspirational and has taught me that sometimes life's difficulties cannot be avoided but it's what you do with the hardships that determine how your future will look.

Thank you so much to the courageous ladies for sharing their testimonies and I'm glad to say testimonies because they made it despite the circumstance.

Hildah Sekobelo said...

Thank for sharing the testimonies, it really helped me spiritualy and physicaly and it is the inspiration for me and also it opened my eyes that in life i should avoid the difficulties i should deal with them.

Thank you so much I am so happy for the courage testimonies.