Thursday, April 9, 2009

He is risen

Once again we are celebrating the Pass Over and there is no greater Event in all Christian Calendar than to revere Easter Season.

However, I feel a common lack of celebration spirit in many women for this particular holiday. During Christmas there is a great deal of consideration to everything related to it: decoration, gifts, wish cards, supper, making amendments with others, reuniting friends, seeking for unity, forgiveness, commitment and, honestly speaking, there is nothing wrong about that.

All in all, we are just trying to show the importance of Jesus’ birth, the fulfilment of the prophecy in the Old Testament. But Christmas was the starting point for the great climax and fulfilment of the promise for our salvation.

If there is something that we have to rejoice, share and celebrate is the death and resurrection of Jesus because on account of His sacrifice we inherit a blessed life and eternity in heavens.

It may happen that right now you do not have much joy or excitement for celebrations because you are not enjoying of this blessed life, you are not having the fullest of Jesus’ sacrifice in you.

But still, I want to put a challenge before you, my friend, for this season. Live these days with all your heart, mind and spirit. If you want to take possession of all the blessings conquered on the cross by Jesus and it is healing, deliverance, peace, love, joy and salvation, commit yourself fully for this great Good Friday.

It is all about your attitude; if you just accept the kind of life you are living in that is what you will have, but if you make out of these days an opportunity to turn your life around, you will celebrate Easter with Better Life.

Enjoy the moment. Prepare yourself with an excelling spirit, count the days, talk about Jesus and His providence for salvation with your friends and family; do what you never did in past years and decide in your heart that this Easter Holiday will be memorable forever in your life.

Do what you can and go an extra mile to make out of this Holy Weekend a special date for you and see for yourself that “He will be risen in your spirit and in your life”.

Marcia Pires

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Silvia Candido said...

That's so true Mrs Marcia, what Jesus did for us was so powerful, and what we have to do is just accept His sacrifice for us on the cross with all our heart.
The Lord Jesus is just waiting for an action from us, to come before Him and say: "Here I am, Lord".

Kisses, and God bless you!