Sunday, May 3, 2009

Your Legacy

If you have children, there is a worry on how to safeguard the future of your children.

Financial markets come up with a line of suggestions such as life insurance, investment plans, investment for education, medical insurance, 20 year education investment and all other policies that may be created with the purpose of assuring all best conditions to bring up children with a level of comfort and security for the future.

However, we did not hear so far of any plan or investment that may insure them for emotional and spiritual stability.

There are those who rely on psychologists, pedagogy, and therapeutist to bring children to a level of self-acceptance, motivation and high self-esteem but it is more like a treatment course rather than a preventive measure.

Though parents apply their best efforts to raise their children in a healthy physical and emotional environment, there is a natural feeling that they could have done more, better for the sake of their loved ones.

And if, by any reason, you are not hundred percent sure of what you are giving to them, this feeling will hunt you constantly mainly when they become the problem at school, or within the family cell.

So, what to do to close this gap, to quench this uncertainty and to give you the confidence that your work as a parent will remain for years to come and will bear good fruits in them?

In my personal understanding, there is only one policy for success physically, emotionally and spiritually and this is to rely on God for it.

“But I lavish my love on those who love me and obey my commands, even for a thousand generations” Ex. 20:6

When you love God and obey His commands, automatically you will pass it on to your children, without a word, but leading by example.

When your children see in you God’s ways and truths, they will be more confident to face day to day reality, challenges and they will be empowered to overcome their shortcomings because they see you do it.

And there is a great promise on that as well, as God loves you so very much for your love and obedience, His mercy and kindness will be extended to generations to come.

What then will be more reassuring and secure than having God’s blessings upon your children’s life?

Marcia Pires

Happy Mother’s Day!

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