Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Through Me

Every week, in our Women’s Section, we try to publish a quote or a reflection that will lead you to meditate on it. Some are joyful, others bring fun and smiles, and few others cause us to ponder about our life.
I heard something recently that struck me deep inside “I love the Lord and what He has done in me and for me, but the best thing is watching what He has done through me.” And these few words are echoing in my mind more like a reminder of how being a real Christian should be like. It is unquestionable what the Lord has done in us and for us. Just take a glance in your past life; how many disappointments, frustrations, complexes, fears, insecurities, grudges, heartbreaks and look at you now!

You may not be enjoying a perfect life but you will have to acknowledge that changes are undeniable. You are no longer that old and fragile being; you stand now tall and firm as a Child of God qualifying not only for temporary blessings but also for eternity with Him.
Up to this point of the sentence, I was fine with and able to agree to every word but the striking part came when I challenged myself about what is the Lord being able to do through me.
One thing is to accept His grace, mercy and love and His life poured for me but another thing is to be able to lay down my life to reflect His glory and power. And that requires sacrifice! God will not be able to use us if our will prevails to His. We will live the course of our lives not leaving a mark on this world, not impacting others, not making any difference.
Can you acknowledge what God is doing in your life and for you? But mostly is God being able to do any further through you? Each day must count and each day brings up the opportunity to be God’s tool. Think about that.

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