Sunday, May 10, 2009

Women of Faith

Usually when we look at great examples of faith from the Bible somehow the name of our forefathers: Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Moses, Gideon, Joshua and others will pop out but we cannot overlook the legacy that some women left for us.

Examples of faith and endurance in times of trouble and adversity, these women did more than just exercise faith but they taught that miracles are possible to women of our century much more than in those times when they had no value or rights at all.

When we read about the faith of Abigail, in I Samuel 25:23 we learn that out of her wisdom and courage, she saved her husband’s household of death.

And who can forget of Hannah’s beautiful act of faith and trust by surrendering her son, redemption of humiliation and shame, to serve the Lord.

By faith, these women and many others have changed the course of life, brought blessings upon them and their families, they reached out for their dreams and made possible what was impossible, by human eyes.

We live today in the 21st century when we are emancipated; we have own will, freedom of choices, broaden mind and numerous opportunities of conquering a position under the sun.

We have rights to study, to work, to choose our husband-to-be, to choose our religion, to be active part of a voting society, we can even engage in politics, drive trucks and buses, pilot airplanes, be soldiers and serve our country during war, we can do great things for this world, be celebrities, win the Nobel Prize – most of things that those women of the Bible had never thought of.

However, some of us are missing out the secret for success of our foremothers: faith and sacrifice and exactly because of it, despite of all material and emotional conditions, life is fulfilling its natural course without anything exceptional happening on.

We can do much, we can be heroes, we can change the world but if we do not learn to use our faith and to sacrifice, we do not develop even an inch in our own life.

I leave with you the words of Hannah - words of trust and assurance that God always rewards those who sacrifice to Him:
“ He lifts the poor from the dust – yes, from a pile of ashes! He treats them like princes, placing them in seats of honour.” (I Samuel 2:5).

How about you – are you ready to write the next chapter of faith?

Marcia Pires


Donna said...

Accommodation - that's our problem today. We feel that there's no need for us to be sacrificing because everything we need is so easily obtained. We know that if we need to get something we can easily find a way of getting it, so what's the point of sacrificing. Easy, easy, easy - and here lies the problem.

Living a sacrificial life was the secrete of the women of faith in the past because they knew God and they understood that that was the only way for them to overcome and achieve what they wanted. It's amazing how many little "issues" we can come up with when called to sacrifice, any wonder that we do not have great victories.

When we know God sacrificing is a joy - painful, yes, but satisfying in the sense that when we have gained our victory for what we're fighting for we see that it was well worth it. Is there any wonder the women of faith in the past are recognized, admired and appreciated today.

If we are ready to write the next chapter of faith - then, are we ready to sacrifice our all???

Aline Passos said...

These women stood out in a time where women didn't.
They changed the course of their lives and families because they had courage. When we choose to be women of sacrifice it is impossible for us to be an ordinary person. Because sacrifice makes us to stand out. And if we are not standing out is because we do not sacrifice. Maybe giving part of our life but not all.I have to say that when I understood the power of sacrifice and started practicing in my life everything changed. It requires courage though.

Kisses to all friends from Bommefela and a Kiss to Mrs Marcia!

Aline Paasos