Saturday, July 11, 2009


Did you ever observe another housewife making her food shopping, mainly in the fruit & veggie section? No matter what the ad may say of quality and low prices, there she is carefully examining each and every fruit or veggie. She picks up a tomato and, literally speaking, she examines it: color, size, consistency, kg price, unit price. It looks like it is the very first time she has ever seen a tomato, when, actually, her last groceries shopping was just a week before. Men normally say: why you take so long; at the end of the day, they are all tomatoes! Pick up some and let’s go!
And it goes on with oranges, lemons, potatoes … a thorough examination throughout her shopping list.
Her reasoning, as a housewife, demands of her to be sure she is paying for worthy food to set her table nicely and feed her family in a healthy manner.
But when, we – women, turn to relationships we do not apply the very same criteria. We trust in the “ad”, in the outward appearance, in eloquent words and we give ourselves in totally.
I have been seen many women of God – I am not even focusing on secular women here - getting hurt, deceived, frustrated on the way because of cracks and failures in relationship.
Only because she met someone inside the church, then it seems to her that the person is a fully converted Christian, of good cheer and character, discreet, friendly and will make her happy forever.
Common words are “it is a blessing from God”, “it is the man of God I have been praying for”, “it is the friend I needed so much”, “it is the partner that will help me to improve my business – God answered my prayers”.
She does not “inspect thoroughly” the person, as she does in the supermarket with tomatoes!
My friends, God has and always will answer to your prayers but do not forget that the devil will always be on the way to deceive you. That is why the Holy Spirit has equipped us with an intelligent faith and the Bible motivates us to make use of this faith.
In Luke 14:28, Jesus advises that before we engage in a project, we should “count the costs” let alone if we are going to engage in relationships.
Unfortunately, many women have been despising this advice and allowing her emotions to speak louder. We have been sadly contemplating wrong marriages, friendships and partnerships because one gave more ears to her own feelings rather than to the intelligent faith.
Before embarking into any relationship, opening your heart, trusting your children with someone else, your business, your personal financial matters, your long-term plans, assess the person, examine attitudes, reactions, discuss issues that are important to you, discuss truths of the Bible and pray but be prepared to give ears to the voice of God and not to your heat!.

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