Sunday, July 5, 2009

You will hear about that very soon...

If you ask me how the Woman in Action Project was born….. I would not know!
I remember we were talking about doing something in support of our Day Care Center and the idea of the Flea Market was flourishing, growing until the day we had it.
And right there and then, we understood we could not stop. We deeply believe that Women in Action brings result so why we will take action once in a while whilst there are opportunities to be a helping hand for many.
This is the backstage story of this beautiful project…. So simple but we have committed ourselves to do it wholeheartedly.
Recently our Women in Action Project has participated of the Soldiers’ Meeting in Park Station sharing a little bit of our achievements and our future plans and also praying for all who attended to that blessed service.
We have engaged in two projects now – the empowerment of 10 women from Diepsloot community and to put our efforts and talents together to help out an orphanage from Limpopo.
Not forgetting that we will be together in a great Women’s meeting in Soweto in August.
How you can get involved, participate and help? You will hear about that very soon… and I know you will be enthusiastic about it.
For now, I want to encourage you to experience what each one of us – pastors’ wives – have been experiencing through this project:
• You can do things you do not believe you are able to
• You have got hidden talents,
• You can make an impact wherever you live or work
• Take action about whatever plan, dream, or situation you are bound to
When women take action, results are certain. When you take action you will see results of your faith. Faith without action is dead.

Marcia Pires

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