Wednesday, August 12, 2009


We have lodged last Monday, 10th of August, in Soweto, during the Celebrations of Women’s Day our National Campaign in full support to the Samaritans Orphanage in Limpopo.
As mentioned in previous editions, the institution is currently housing 36 orphans from 8 months old to 16 years, and offering them a home, opportunity to study and medical treatment when necessary.
Many are the projects of Mama Sarah Qgalane, founder of the institution and now with an extra help, she will be able to achieve some.
Pastors’ wives throughout the country, including Swaziland and Lesotho, put their talents together and knitted, sewed and crochet scarves that are being sold, since Monday. All funds will be donated to the Samaritans Orphanage.
I take the opportunity to thank each and every pastors’ wife who was involved in this for their time, commitment and love to this cause.
However, I also lodge my plea for your support to this cause. Every scarf that you buy, you are contributing to the success and furthering of this institution. Those 36 children depend on the goodwill of ordinary people like you and me.
Give your support, buy a scarf, offer it as a gift and explain to the person that it is more than just an accessory but the effort of women who got into action.
You can find your scarf at the headquarters of every UCKG in your Province.

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Jana Fernandes said...

Olá dn. Márcia! Acabei de ler o testemunho da senhora na revista Plenitude e vi o site do blog. Estarei acompanhando, aqui do Brasil, o lindo trabalho q tem sido feito ai na África!
Obrigada por compartilhar suas experiências de vida conosco!
Q o Senhor Jesus dê muito mais forças e fé p/ a senhora!