Sunday, September 27, 2009

It happened in Limpopo

It was a great day! We have been in Limpopo for a mission: to offer a Fun Day for the kids at the Samaritans Orphanage.

We surprised them with a party handing in gifts to each one of them: new clothes and toys. We also took time to play with them, do several constructive games and come to know better the work that is coordinated by Mrs. Sarah Kgane, founder of the institution.

Since our Women’s Celebration Day, we have launched our National Campaign by selling scarves done by our WiA members throughout RSA with the purpose of raising funds in full support of future plans for the Orphanage.

We have handed our first donation in the amount of R 26,115,15 and the final donation will be completed after the closing of the campaign set by end of September when we expect all scarves being sold out.

More than words to describe our joy in completing this task, photos will give you a hint of joy we felt in assisting this honourable institution.

I cannot forget to extend my thankfulness to all wives who supported this campaign with their hard work and talents by knitting, sewing, crocheting scarves and diligently selling them for a purpose: the children of the Samaritans Orphanage! Well done, bomme ka Morena!

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