Sunday, October 11, 2009

Running for a Cause

Every year, Spar Supermarkets promote a 10km women marathon and a 5km walk in full support of the Cancer Association of South Africa, during the month of October.

UCKG was well represented in this by Argentina and 4 of her trainees who joined the event under UCKG Sports Club banner but the great surprise is Pinky Dada, wife to Pr. Alex Dada, from Rabie Ridge, who represented Women in Action.

They run this morning for a cause - in full support of Awareness and Cancer Research.

Thank you Pinky because you accepted the challenge! Know that all women at UCKG are proud of you!

Pinky has completed the 10km run in 1hour and 2 minutes.


Silvia Candido said...

That's wonderful!! Congratulations to Pinky, to Mrs Marcia and to everyone who's part of "Ẅomen in Action".

God bless you for the great work!

Motlatsi said...

I am speechless, 1hour 2 minutes to complete 10km is great!

Congratulations to Pinky and the Women in Action, keep up the good work!