Wednesday, October 21, 2009


And the Mother City goes pink in full support to our Cancer Awareness Campaign. The hall was filled with 2,300 women, mostly dressing in pink, showing support to this important event. Mrs. Dorothy Du Plooy, head of the Cancer Association for the Western Province, enlighted the participants on the subject focusing on prevention. Knowledge is power and once you are exposed to something new and you absorb that information, you are empowered to be a voice in your community, in your work place, in your family hood. Our aim is to lead women to love themselves, to love their bodies and to take care of their health. If changes in your lifestyle are a must then accept the challenge of improving in this area of your life. Our body is the temple of the Holy Spirit so why not to offer Him the best dwelling place? Remember that any improvement to your life, will reflect directly in your family so, not only they deserve the best of you but you need to be ready to give the best to yourself.

People from the Cape, I trust you have enjoyed every minute of this event.

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Cristiane Cardoso said...

Marcinha, put up more pictures and bigger, we want to share your joy, even if it's just by looking at pictures :-)