Wednesday, November 18, 2009


It has been a month’s journey, nationwide, sharing the message of awareness and prevention. Our purpose: to lead women to love themselves and to look after their health; our target: each one of you, independent of age, If we have achieved our result, that is a question that can only be answer by each one of those who have gathered with us during this past month.

However we can celebrate in unison: with your support and participation we have completed a donation of R 50,000 to CANSA and that somehow will benefit either you or your community because part of the funds will be reversed to free scanning and tests. We feel so good when we can help somehow and reach out for those less fortunate.

Once again, in the name of WiA members, I thank you because you have been our support and inspiration and if we were able to do some good, it is for this very same reason.

May we all learn one lesson out of this last month’s events: when we prompt to do something and we apply our efforts to it, there is no other way than achieving results. This Is for our persona lives. We are very unique creation of God and surely not to fail and to fall but to stand strong for what we believe and for what we are: women of God.

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