Wednesday, December 16, 2009


We are now contemplating the last days of 2009. For some, it may have been a great year; for others, not that special but for all, irrespective, I can say you are overcoming time: be it good or bad.

You have come this far and now it is an appropriate season to look inside and do your year reconciliation: list your achievements, list your improvements, list your happy moments, count your blessings but do not forget to touch on the other side and find out your failures.

A new year is around the corner so celebrate all your victories but make out of your weaknesses and failures your New Year’s Resolution: beat the odds, walk an extra mile and turn 2010 into a very special year for you.

Do not forget that when we look backwards, we also recall disappointments, disagreements and disputes – do not bring them over to 2010. This is the right season to make amendments with family members and friends.

Do not allow that grievance be your companion in 2010.

It is our wish that  you enjoy the best of the Festive Seasons and above all be fulfilled in 2010.

Marcia Pires

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