Monday, December 21, 2009

How about forgiveness?

As we women are so much led by what we feel, we think, we imagine, we constantly face internal conflicts when it comes to forgiveness.

I am not referring to forgiving someone else but to feel forgiven.

We all did, do and will do wrong, say words that we regret five minutes later, take attitudes that will bring consequences for days to come and there we are filling up our centre of emotions with the baggage of guilty and despair.

For some the circle goes on up until they meet Jesus and they experience His forgiveness, and then they become new creatures, lighter inside and invigorated for a new life.

Others will meet Jesus, will be forgiven but will not feel forgiven. Guilty and shame will accompany them inside and outside the church.

Why does this happen, no matter what Bible reading is given to them, which prayer or blessing is bestowed upon them?

The answer is very simple; the latter people are not able to forgive themselves!

They understand all about the sacrifice Jesus did on the cross to erase their sins and give them life, but they only comprehend the words without grasping the full meaning of His sacrifice in changing their lives.

They feel unclean, as if they do not qualify for His sacrifice and keep on carrying the baggage of sin that was already long forgiven on the cross.

What should be done? Do not only acknowledge that God has forgiven you but also forgive yourself. Confront your mistakes, your wrong doings, the consequences that you may be facing but know that it ends there – after you have confronted it.

Do not carry it around. Let your past, your faults, your shortcomings go.  Free your heart of this guilty and shame. You do not need to carry it anymore, if you just forgive yourself!

God is so great and omniscient that He knew you would go through this, so He left this message for you:

“Even if we feel guilty, God is greater than our feelings, and he knows everything.”1 John 3:20

Now, believe in  your forgiveness and feel forgiven for a new life.

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