Sunday, May 30, 2010


Moses’ staff is one of the symbols most known in the Bible representing authority and power. Reading recently Moses’ history again and again, I was enticed by something that has not called my attention before.

When God sent Moses back to Egypt, He empowered him to show to the Israelites and to Pharaoh that he was on God’s appointment. Wonders were performed through his shepherd staff. The account of this passage is in Exodus 4 and 7.

God gave him the instructions to throw his staff on the floor and it would turn to a cobra and Moses did it as test for himself and also to the Israelites and he did again before Pharaoh’s court however the magicians of that time were able to do the same and transform other sticks in cobras. We all know what have happened then: Moses cobra ate all the others and supremacy was proven in that moment.

Now, you are probably wondering where I am leading you to if we do not use staffs nowadays and in general cobras are not favourite appeal to females!

We are all engaged, somehow, into challenges and resolutions or subject to problems that appeared out of nowhere.

Therefore, we seek for God’s help and direction to each particular situation knowing that He will bring solution.

Our expectations are that because we have trusted God with our problems or challenges and we are seeking in Him for the solution, everything will run smoothly and results will be positive.

Sometimes it does not happen as we have planned and hoped for. Can you try to picture in your mind Moses’ face when the other cobras appeared?

Isn’t the same face we put on when we do not have a quick answer to our requests or the answer we so badly prayed for?

But that was not the end for Moses’ and surely it is not the end of the line for you. God used that event to show His power and supremacy.

In the same way God will use whatever seems to be amiss and astray in your life right now to show His power and to bring a direction, an answer, a solution to your cause.

What is lacking? For you and me to learn to trust in God and not to be downcast and defeated by barriers, which will be along the way.

We will always confront spiritual opposition and the best reaction is at your spiritual level: trust in God and continue down the path He has brought you to. He will not leave you alone but He is walking it down at your side. Can you feel it?


manako said...

Thanks a lot Mrs Marcia.
This is a very great Massage indeed.
Sometimes we may feel as if God is too far from us or doesn't answer us. We may even doubt the prayers we make saying "whats the use God will never answer".
What I have learnt is that no matter how difficult the situation might be, God is always there by my side. At times I might feel alone, but he is just there looking at how I react to the situation.
God cannot give us more than what we cannot handle, he knows that we have the ability. What we need is just a little faith and hope, and believe that he is by our side.

lindiwe said...

Hi Mrs M,

Thanks for the message ,I sometimes feel that When I pray my prayer just go into the roof and come back to me unaswered but today I had an asnwer .

Thank you

Lindiwe Khanyile

Boitumelo - S.Africa said...

Thank you Mrs M for this post. God never changes and indeed our level of faith allows us to hold on to our truist in Him and let His power work thorugh the situation. Sometimes we are too quick to fear and think that all is lost, with Him by our side, we are never lost...