Monday, July 12, 2010

And If

Imagine the reaction of your family if one day you wake up and inform them there will be no meals because you were deeply wondering that if you go to the kitchen to cook a meal, you may burn the food, or you may burn the pot, or you may burn yourself!

How about if you cook and your family does not like the meal prepared, and if your family would prefer a snack?

Only by writing or reading it, it seems so silly, isn’t it? But you know what, this is exactly how we rationalise in other aspects of our lives.

When there is a problem, and honestly, we do have problems nearly every day, we start dwelling on the “if’s” of that problem. We become very worried, but not actually with the problem in front of us but with the suggestions our mind brings up in relation to that problem:

“What if I lose my job? And if my husband is having an affair? And if my son is involved with bad friends? And if, and if, and if…

By experience, when you look back at the problems you faced recently, you will have to be honest and count how many if’s you have uttered and suffered anguish over something that never happened. But there you were, consumed with worry about things that did not happen at all. The problem is over now and as a bonus you got some wrinkles on your face, some pain in your body because of tension, a few grey hairs, missed some hours of sleep and then life went on.

“Can all your worries add a single moment to your life?” (Matt 6:27)

What to do then? Look at the problem with sober perspective; deal with what you actually have in your hands and with the means you have to solve that problem. Do not allow “if this and that” to rule your life.

Get to the point as it is in the present and not as it might be in the future. Your boss is not satisfied with the quality of your work. Deal with that without worrying with what will happen IF you loose your job because, right now, the problem is in the quality of your work. Concentrating on that you requires your attention and not if you will lose your job...

Your marriage is going through troubled waters. Do not worry what is going to happen if your husband has an affair, if he is going to leave you. Deal directly and clearly with the causes of your incompatibility.

Your health is not doing well. Do not consider thoughts, such as “what if I have an incurable disease or and if I am going to die?” Follow the doctor’s prescription and advice. If needed, change your lifestyle to improve your health.

Above all, exchange your worries with the assurance of faith. God is certain to put this assurance in your heart if you have the right perspective and approach towards your problems.

“For nothing is impossible with God.” (Luke 1:37) and have you noticed there is no “if” in this statement?

Marcia Pires


Boitumelo - S.Africa said...

what if's have lead me to physical pain in the past, the anxiety that come from what if's lead to heart burn and panic attacks and after everything, i realized that all of this was just fear. I am still working on it and i know that assurabce of Gid's will upon my life is the only thing that can free me from it for good... thanks for the post Mrs M.

Charlotte said...

Many times I have over-exaggerated a situation by thinking of the what-ifs and it has really caused unneccessary worries and fears. Instead of using my faith to overcome the situation, we easily spend our time over analyzing the situation, and making it bigger than it was. Truly we nees to focus on the problem and not create more problems on top of the problem.

Puleng Ngoato (Bxt UK) said...

If's were a big part of my life, every situation had an "what if " and most of the time the reality was so not like the "what if" and far from the "what if" exaggeration as Charlotte said.
But I learned to deal with one problem at a tme and concerntrate on dealing with the problem rather then the problem dealing with me.
Puleng Ngoato (Brixton UK)