Monday, July 19, 2010

Who is Tamar?


Dear readers, you may be wondering since our last edition on Who is Tamar and why do we need to save her!

I am very pleased to introduce to you our new WiA campaign that will be launched in a Special Meeting in Soweto, on the 9th of August, 2010.

We will be taking our stand against abuse to Women and Children in our Society and we will be looking into the matter not in a feminist but feminine perspective, within the context of the Holy Bible and within the purpose God has created as for.

Tamar, as the Bible records in 2 Samuel 13:1-21, was one of David’s daughter who was abused by her own brother, Amnon.

There are many Tamars' all around us being physically, sexually and emotionally abused. Families being devastated as a result of it, lives being shattered on account of abuse and dreams being consumed by regret and pain.

We will celebrate Women’s Day uplifting the banner of peace. We will bring up awareness and comfort to those who have been victims of this experience and we count on you to march this campaign on our side.

This is our Tamar, the symbol of our manifest. . Watch this space to learn more about it. From now on, make your decision and help us to Save a Tamar.


Maggie Nyaunda said...

There are many Tamar out there and some of them do not know the way out. I believe that through this campaign many Tamar will be saved and will find confident to confront their enemy.
"I will be there to save a Tamar"

lindiwe said...

Hi Mrs Marcia,

There are so many Tamar that I in suffering and afraid to speak out because people aroubd them they dont believe them anymore,I will be there on the 9 th of August I will also invite young ladies around me.

Lindiwe khanyile

Boitumelo - S.Africa said...

I witnessed abuse as a child, my uncle beating his wife in my presence and i was so confused and felt so helpless. She became very bitter after that and until i was older, i did not understand what was going on. The effects of abuse go far beyond the 2 people involved. This campaign will open the eyes of many to their own situations and also to situations that their families face everyday and they were keeping quiet about.