Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Photos from Soweto

Were you in Soweto yesterday?
Over 10,000 people attended our Awareness Campaign against Human trafficking in our Cenacle in Soweto.
The Fragrance of Freedom Campaign wa
s launched to bring awareness on the topic and to raise funds to keep the message being spread.
Are you part of it yet?
We have mentioned that today we celebrate what 20,000 women did 55 years ago, paving the way to freedom.
What are we doing with our freedom?
We should rather use it wisely and pave other people's freedom in many different ways.
Being part of this campaign is a practical manner to say more than words but take action.
If you could not show your participation yesterday, it is still time to do so.
Find it out at any of our UCKG Branches in South Africa.


Silmara Ressutti said...

We must unite in this cause, and surely God is with us to give to us victory.

Evynah said...

L'union fait la force, soyons l'armée de l'Éternel nous vaincrons