Saturday, August 20, 2011

A word of gratitude

(Photo shot during one of the vigils held by pastors' wives while preparing the bracelets - it was a Friday, at 3am)

It is with overwhelming joy that I extend my word of gratitude to all those who have attended to our event in Soweto, on the 9th of August, allowing themselves the opportunity to be educated about Human Trafficking.

I also, on behalf of WiA members, extend our gratitude for the response of our attendees in taking action against such social injustice. Words are beautifully said and heard but action brings a change.

All bracelets (about 1,200) prepared by the pastors’ wives were sold out in less than 15 minutes, leaving a group empty-handed but still willing to participate. The response was amazing. Thank you members of the UCKG Family for supporting us once again.

We have marked our 3rd year in a roll celebrating Women’s Day in Soweto and in our third year of inception for WiA. I cannot wave my thankfulness to our WiA members, pastors’ wives, who diligently make of people’s suffer their cause.

Marcia Pires

WiA Founder @ The “Fragrance of Freedom” Campaign


Silmara Ressutti said...

Mrs Marcia do not need to say thank you because it is a pleasure to help these women.

Marcia Paulo said...

Dear Marcia thanks for allowing God to use you to help others. For sure the vigil was a blessing and we can see that the UCKG family gave their best supporting this cause.
Many kisses

Ayanda said...

Good day Mrs Marcia, I am pleased to see what the Women in Action are doing- dedicating their time in doing the bracelets in order to support those who are in need. Halala Zimbhokodo

Evynah said...

Bravo et AMEN pour cette belle initiative